Case Study - Developing Profit Analyzer

Profit Analyzer

Enterprise application

A redesign of one of Vendavo’s bread-and-butter enterprise applications. The goals of the Profit Analyzer redesign were to decrease application complexity and redundancy, to expose the power of the application while making it easy to use, and to modernize the interactions and visual design. A high-visibility project, the Vendavo pricing suite is used by hundreds of Fortune 500 companies. The initial design concept and wireframes received praise when revealed during Vendavo’s European Profit Summit.

User research for this project included understanding customers' pain points with the current application, creating personas and user journeys, running cross-functional design sprints, and iterative testing of the product from low-fidelity paper sketches to high-fidelity prototypes. Decisions were informed by 21 interviews, 28 contextual inquiries, 9 design feedback sessions, 7 design sprint sessions, and 25 usability tests.

RoleSr. Interaction Designer & Lead Prototyper Date2015

Identified 3 personas from interviews and contextual inquiries

The primary persona for Price Analyzer was Terri. We wanted to make Terri the hero.

Getting to know Terri

Understanding Terri’s user journey

Hosting a design sprint with cross-functional members to quickly outline requirements, brainstorm ideas, prototype design candidates, and receive feedback.

Created screens in Balsamiq to illustrate dashboard creation.

Used Sketch to create mockups and to accompany documentation.

Usability testing was first done on prototypes of Profit Analyzer and later on the latest stable development build.