Vendavo Profit Analyzer

Redesign of Vendavo’s bread-and-butter enterprise application. A high-visibility project, the Vendavo pricing suite is used by hundreds of Fortune 500 companies. The initial design concept and wireframes received praise when revealed during Vendavo’s European Profit Summit.


User Research

Decisions were informed by 21 interviews, 28 contextual inquiries, 9 design feedback sessions, 7 design sprint sessions, and 25 usability tests.


Personas | Storyboards | Concepts | Mockups | Prototype | Case Study


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  1. KPI Dashboard - User taps on hamburger menu to go to:
  2. Price Explorer - User can filter down results or taps:
  3. Recent Analysis Dropdown - Recent and pre-canned analysis packs shown; User searches and this area swaps for:
  4. Search Results Dropdown - User can search for keywords in analyses; User taps View All to view:
  5. All analyses

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Case Study

View the case study

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